Dr. Odayme Quesada, Founder and Medical Director, The Christ Hospital Health Network Women's Heart Center, collaborates with many community partners to educate women about their risks for cardiovascular disease. She worked with Fiesta Latina to increase COVID-19 vaccinations in the Latinx community and partnered with The American Heart Association (AHA) to provide heart care to underserved women. As an ambassador for women's heart health, Dr. Quesada spoke at AHA events including the Circle of Red, STEM Goes Red, Coffee Break Wear Red interview, and Go Red for Women digital experience. She presented at the Professional Women in Health Care Summit All About Women/ Be Inspired, and at the The Christ Hospital Foundation Guild on women's heart disease. Women's Heart Center 2022 plans include a Black Women's Health Movement collaboration to educate and empower African American women on minimizing heart health risk factors; participation in AHA community screening events and health fairs; and continuing as a top recruitment leader and enthusiastic fundraising team for the AHA Heart Mini.