The Christ Hospital Health Network is eclipsing other healthcare organizations in the nation by leading the evolution of Precision Health, also known as pharmacogenomics. Precision Health is a new science that uses genetic testing to proactively identify and prevent adverse drug interactions. To date, our network has ten pharmacogenomics-certified pharmacists embedded in more than 30 of our primary care provider clinical practices and in several specialty practices. 55 million people in the U.S. take five or more prescription drugs regularly. Most are unaware that their unique genetic makeup can inform physicians about how medications are processed within a patient’s body. As a result, many people in this country suffer adverse side effects from prescribed medications without any relief. With just a quick cheek swab, our pharmacogenomics-certified pharmacists use information in your DNA to better identify specific drug combinations and dosages that should work best for you. The pharmacists assist the patient with any needed medication adjustments and by their next doctor visit, the goal is to have everything under control. This is a partnership designed in a collaborative manner for the health of the patient because many times medications are often not fully absorbed, are absorbed too slowly, or in some cases are metabolized too quickly or at twice the dosage.