Neonatal & Postpartum Wellness

In 2021, our Network partnered with Galia Collaborative to offer additional health and wellness resources for new mothers. At least 30% of new mothers experience symptoms such as depression, sleeplessness, anxiety, and appetite changes—and many more fail to report them. COVID-19 exacerbated mental health issues, including a significant rise in postpartum depression. Our maternity patients now have access to private complimentary virtual consultations with a Galia psychologist and may attend therapist-led virtual support groups to help with the myriad of changes they experience throughout their reproductive journeys. Additionally, we are expanding from Level II to Level III obstetric care in 2022, extending our exceptional care for babies born prematurely, those with serious illness, and mothers at higher risk during pregnancy and delivery. Our obstetric patients choose us for the unrivaled experience and care—now elevated through a partnership with Galia and our upcoming Level III designation.