Partnership with Alliance Integrative Medicine Expands Network in Growing Fields of Functional and Integrative Medicine

The Christ Hospital is forward-thinking which is why it’s important to look at new and innovative ways to treat our patients. In 2022, we acquired Alliance Integrative Medicine (AIM), now known as AIM for Wellbeing, a prominent integrative medicine practice led by renowned physicians Steve and Sandi Amoils, MDs. These expanded services will allow the network to meet patients in every point of their journey, from proactive health and wellness to acute care. Many patients use AIM as a complement to traditional care. Aim for Wellbeing combines conventional healthcare, functional medicine, and alternate therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic care and medical massage to combat common issues such as stress, pain, chronic fatigue, allergies and digestive disorders. Many patients look for alternate forms of medicine that can support musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, women’s health immune system and more. Doctors Steve and Sandi Amoils are conventional medical providers who spent years traveling the world to train in integrative and holistic techniques that achieve results for their patients.