New Program Expands The Christ Hospital’s Capacity to Care for Heart Failure Patients

In October of 2022, The Christ Hospital Health Network announced the launch of its new heart transplant program. The Christ Hospital Heart & Vascular Institute’s latest program expansion came after the successful recruitment of two highly renowned heart transplant specialists with more than 50 years of combined experience: Geetha Bhat, MD, Medical Director of The Christ Hospital Heart Transplant Program & Robert Dowling, MD, Surgical Director of The Christ Hospital Heart Transplant Program and Chris and Trey Heekin Family Endowed Chair for Cardiac Transplantation. Dr. Bhat has successfully established several nationally recognized heart transplant programs and is a well-respected transplant cardiologist and Dr. Dowling has more than 25 years of experience performing open-heart surgical procedures and heart transplantation. In November of 2022, Terri Cecere of Centerville, Ohio, was the first heart transplant recipient in program history. She continues her successful recovery in the comfort of her home, today. Since then, The Christ Hospital Heart Transplant Program has performed an additional seven successful transplants and our waitlist continues to grow. The Christ Hospital Heart Transplant Program will provide additional opportunities for local and regional heart failure patients who need this life-saving procedure. Patients will no longer have to travel for hours which can cause added stress to patients and their family. The Christ Hospital has the right combination of heart failure programs, a perfect research environment and specialized heart failure surgeons and cardiologists. Having this program now completes the world-class heart team in the Tristate by improving the health of our community at the heart hospital in Cincinnati.