Your genetic profile can reveal how your body will respond to certain treatments and medications. At The Christ Hospital, we are making precision medicine a priority to help people experience better health. This year we launched the High-Risk Cancer Screening Clinic, which provides genetic risk-evaluation as well as advanced screening and imaging for individuals at increased risk for cancer due to factors such as early cancer diagnosis, significant family history of cancer or personal history of rare cancers, to name a few. Our multidisciplinary team of genetic counselors, advanced practice providers and physicians, work together to provide individualized evaluation, genetic counseling/testing, imaging, cancer screening and prevention programs for people who are concerned about their personal and family history of cancer.

Patients can meet with both a genetic counselor and an advanced practice provider in a single clinic visit to determine personal risk of specific types of cancer based on genetic tests and family history. From there, an individualized plan is created for the patient focused on cancer screening, monitoring and prevention options, as well as diagnostic and treatment options if necessary. The clinic also provides nutrition and lifestyle counseling for risk reduction, and emotional and psychological support.