Heart Care as Individual as Every Woman

More women than men die annually from heart disease in this country, with a continuing and widening gap in effectively diagnosing and treating women's heart disease. Odayme Quesada, MD, MHS, Medical Director of the Women's Heart Center, and her team are closing that gap through revolutionary clinical research and advocacy. This fast-growing center—one of only a few in the country—is internationally recognized for clinical excellence in women's cardiovascular disease and prevention. Since its launch in late 2020, well over 1,000 women have been served, of whom 30% had not previously received a diagnosis for their chest pain or been treated appropriately. Dr. Quesada's clinical research is supported by a million-dollar NIH grant for pregnancy-related heart health. A grant from Fifth Third Bank assists the Women's Heart Center in providing comprehensive heart care for women that are underserved to help address the inequities in women's heart care.